Facts & Figures

We are open about how we are performing as a College and it’s important to us to share some key facts and figures about the College.

First the most important people here at Aylesbury College, our students.  Here is some information about what they think about the College, what they are studying and who they are:

Latest Student Survey

Out of 922 students who responded to our latest satisfaction survey, here are the results:

Fn F-Satisfaction -Graph -650px


Mode of Study

In what type of programs are our students enrolled:



Age Group

What ages make up our student population:


Ethnic Composition

What is the ethnic composition of Aylesbury College:



What is the disability composition of Aylesbury College:



What is the gender composition of Aylesbury College:



Financial Responsibility

How much money Aylesbury College receives (in thousands):

Fn F-Income -Graph -650px


How Aylesbury College uses the funds it receives (in thousands):

Fn F-Expenditure -Graph -650px