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University Technical Colleges are a new concept in education. They offer 14-19 year olds the opportunity to take a highly regarded, technically-oriented course of study. They are equipped to the highest standard, sponsored by a university and offer clear progression routes into higher education or further learning in work.

The Buckinghamshire University Technical College (UTC) which opened in September 2013 offers a completely new opportunity for a university technical college education in a region that presents a complex picture with a focus on selective education and high achieving Grammar schools.

Buckinghamshire UTC is a distinctive, practical and technically focussed learning community, integrating education and business, where students feel valued; an inclusive, highly-professional environment which challenges and inspires them to achieve.  Buckinghamshire UTC brings together Bucks New University and employers in equal partnership with, and facilitated by, Aylesbury College enabling a motivational, work-related learning experience.

Buckinghamshire UTC students will combine hand and mind to learn in a very practical way, integrating national curriculum requirements with the technical and vocational elements. The Buckinghamshire UTC ethos and IT and Construction curriculum is heavily influenced by local, national and international employers who also provide mentoring, support and work experience for all students.

Why study at Buckinghamshire University Technical College?

  • Employers play a major part in Buckinghamshire UTC, helping us plan what students are going to learn, ensuring that the qualifications students gain are what employers require. They also meet the students on work placements and so can get to know them.
  • Buckinghamshire UTC enables a student to study a subject they are really interested in which is taught by teachers with real life practical experience and in industry standard facilities. By the time students are 16 they will be at least two years ahead of where they would be in a normal school
  • The curriculum model offers different opportunities for students combining academic and practical study leading directly to HE and employment opportunities underpinned by real demand from employers.
  • Buckinghamshire UTC will be instrumental in meeting the need for enhanced training in Construction and ICT professions which are important sectors of the regions business landscape, where local employers report difficulties in attracting suitably qualified candidates from education.

For more information, see the Buckinghamshire UTC website. Be sure to register your interest as there are limited places available.

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