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Apprentice Academy

The Apprentice Academy at Aylesbury College aims to increase the range and volume of Apprentices in Buckinghamshire. An Apprentice will typically undertake a one year training programme with a local employer, working on-site for around four days per week with an additional day at College for formal teaching. An Apprentice will be expected to complete an NVQ 2 or 3 plus additional technical qualifications. They receive a real wage for their work. For more information see www.apprenticeships.org.uk


This new Academy may involve a series of short term projects with different employers, so we are looking for highly motivated and talented Apprentices to join us. You could be directly employed by the College for the duration of your programme, ensuring the security and status of your Apprenticeship. Vacancies in the Academy are limited and will be subject to interview and competency testing. If you are interested in joining this exciting project, please check for current employment opportunities through this website and the National Apprenticeship Service.

We are able to offer Apprenticeships in Customer Service, Business Administration, IT, Team Leading and Management through the Apprentice Academy model.

Opportunities for Employers

For employers this project provides a unique opportunity to encourage Apprentices without committing to a long term programme. We only ask that you do make a commitment to ensuring that the Apprentice covers an agreed area of work with you, as this helps them to gain experience relevant to their training programme. If you are interested in working with us and becoming an 'Aylesbury College Approved Training Partner' please email Steve Moy: smoy@aylesbury.ac.uk or call on 01296 588284 where our Work Based Learning Managers will be please to assist you with further information.

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