Great Ambitions Study Programme

All of our full-time 16-18 year old students are enrolled onto our GREAT Ambitions Study Programme.

What is the GREAT Ambitions Study Programme?

We're ambitious for you to succeed, and our study programme has been formulated to prepare you for the future. This means as well as studying your chosen course, you'll also work on important skills to help to equip you for your future career.

Your Chosen Course

Choose from our wide range of vocational and academic courses. This is the main and core element of your programme.

Essential English and maths
All of our students continue to study English and maths. If you do not have a grade 5/C or above at GCSE then you will be working towards a qualification – this is a government requirement. If you have a GCSE grade 5/C or above in maths and English, then you'll work on applied English and maths relevant to your course.

Digital Skills
Employers expect excellent IT and digital skills, and our expert Tutors will make sure you meet these expectations.

Real Work Experience
All of our full-time courses come with a requirement to gain real work experience that is relevant to your course. We work with local employers to make sure you have the opportunity to work on live employer briefs and projects in addition to external work experience.

Tutorial support and Growth Mind-Set
A growth mind-set is all about believing that your skills can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point! Our tutorial programme focuses on developing all aspects of your skills and abilities.

Directed Study
You'll have the opportunity to work independently, developing key skills such as research and critical thinking. This helps prepare you for your next steps, whether that's at university or into the workplace.

Targets for Successful Outcomes
To successfully complete GREAT ambitions you must achieve your targets across the full study programme. 

Employability skills and Work Placement
We want to make sure you are well prepared for your career, so you'll have opportunities to experience tasters in the working world. You will also learn other important work related skills such as writing a CV, preparing for an interview, knowing how to behave appropriately in the workplace, take part in enterprise activities and develop important employability skills. Click here to find out more!

Studying English and Maths

In order to ensure that you further develop your skills in maths and English, you'll continue to study these subjects as part of your study programme.

Here are some examples*:

Students who have obtained a GCSE grade 5-9/A-C in English and Maths will be timetabled to complete on-line Applied Mathematics and English (AME) which stretches and challenges them beyond their current level of knowledge. This will include essential business skills relevant to the chosen course.

Students with a GCSE grade 3-4/D or a Level 2 Functional Skills will be enrolled onto GCSE English and maths.

Students with Level 1 Functional Skills in English or maths or GCSEs below a grade 3/D will be individually assessed to ascertain whether they should be enrolled onto GCSEs or Functional Skills

*All students are individually assessed to ensure that they are placed on the most appropriate course

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I attend classes?

You'll be timetabled to attend English & maths classes every week. GCSE subjects are timetabled for one and half hours twice a week and functional skills classes are one and half hours per week for each subject.

What are the benefits of improving English & Maths?
English and maths skills are invaluable for your future, no matter what you are aiming for. A good command of numeracy and the spoken and written word will help you every day – and benefit all of your other subjects too. It's expected that you'll be able to use your improved skills, knowledge and prior learning to prepare for the next stage in your education, training or employment.