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What Can I Study?

Course Type

We offer a wide range of different course types. Many of our courses are vocational and practical, for example beauty therapy, plumbing and fashion retail. We also offer GCSEs and A levels via our 6th Form Centre.

Aylesbury College is the largest provider of Apprenticeships to young people in Buckinghamshire. We also deliver many Professional Courses such as accountancy and Higher Education courses via our Foundation Degrees in partnership with various universities.

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Mode of Study

Both Full Time and Part Time courses are available.


If you choose to study on a full-time basis, you will normally be expected to be in classes for 18 hours a week over three to five days, Monday to Friday for 40 weeks. Studying full-time will generally allow you to complete your course or qualification in the shortest period of time. Most full-time programmes start in September.


Part-Time courses require fewer classes each week, are often of shorter duration and can be taken during the day or evening or at weekends.

The College offers a range of courses available on a part-time basis where you can study at your own pace, often alongside full-time students. The main difference between a full-time and part-time course is that you will attend fewer classes each week and will spread your study over a longer period of time.

Part-time courses offer the flexibility that allows you to design a programme of study which suits your own individual requirements. You can decide the number of hours you want to give to your studies each term or decide to switch to full-time learning at a later date.

On-line and Blended Courses

Specific short courses are available online and can be accessed from any internet connection.

Aylesbury College also offers some online courses or a blend of on-line and in the College classes. The College continues to develop its on-line offering, in various levels as well as professional development courses.

For more information on course type and mode of study please click here.


We offer a variety of vocational courses at Level 1 and Level 2 for school pupils aged 14-16.

14-16 Programme
Options include:

Please speak to your school or contact our Admissions Team.


Aylesbury College offers a wide range of vocational and academic programmes in a vibrant learning environment. As well as attending your classes, you will also attend tutorials, study functional skills and partake in an enrichment programme.

Functional skills
Whether you are looking for employment or going onto higher education, functional skills will help you to succeed. Maths, English and ICT are studied at Entry Level, Level 1 or Level 2 depending on your chosen course and previous qualifications.

Enrichment programme
Our courses include an enrichment programme, comprising of activities to help you develop socially and personally. It will also prepare you for your future career.


After completing a vocational, academic or advanced course, you may consider progressing to higher education.

University Centre Aylesbury Vale

The University Centre Aylesbury Vale (UCAV) offers a number of opportunities to study at higher levels. This new initiative brings together a range of courses and qualifications from a partnership of universities, colleges and training providers.

UCAV’s provision has been shaped to the needs of local students and employers. Our range of foundation degrees and other higher education programmes reflects employer and employee demand for such qualifications. At the same time, UCAV is designed to help the region grow by providing higher education skills that will make a difference to Aylesbury Vale businesses, the community and the knowledge based economy.


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